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First off, thanks for a wonderful game that I’ve spent far too much time playing. WoW is an amazingly crafted experience and it keeps bringing me back in time and again. Thank you for you and your team’s contribution to that experience. Now, on to the reason for this post. I tweeted you a few weeks ago asking why the new MoP bag pattern is stuck behind two daily reputation grinds. You side-stepped the question in your reply. So, I’ll ask again and do so in more than 140 characters. If answering this properly will require more than 140 characters, feel free to respond in a dev blog or something similar, but I’m asking again because I’d like to get an answer specifically relating to the reputation locking for the new MoP bag recipe. I’ve been a tailor since vanilla. There were three reasons I become a tailor back then: 1) crafting gear for my priest; 2) being able to turn cloth into Enchanting mats (I coupled Tailoring and Enchanting); and 3) to make bigger bags. Those reasons (along with Spellthread) are largely reasons to continue with Tailoring as a profession. . . at least up until Mists. I still have crafted gear for myself. I’ve still crafted gear to DE so I can level my Enchanting. I’ve also made Spellthread for all of my characters. But I haven’t been able to make a new bag in Mists. Prior to Mists, in every expansion Tailors had access to a new bag pattern with minimal effort and a second “rare” pattern that required much larger effort to attain (and increased materials to craft, including daily cooldowns). This seemed a very reasonable compromise. Don’t want to spend the extra effort? Use the smaller pattern. Care a lot about space? Spend the additional time to get the biggest bags and simultaneously WoW and amaze your friends and guildies! The common bag pattern was typically the same size as the “rare” bag from the previous expansion. Mooncloth Bags and Netherweave Bags both have 16 slots; Primal Mooncloth Bags and Frostweave Bags both have 20 slots; Glacial Bags, Abyssal Bags and Embersilk Bags all have 22 slots. With MoP, the only available bag pattern is the Royal Satchel. While its size is impressive with 28 slots, it’s also stuck behind two reputation grinds. There’s no incremental steps for a tailor to increase their carrying capacity. I can see not wanting a common crafted bag to jump 4 slots from the previous expansion to 26 slots even if that’s how much the Illusionary Bag carried. There’s an open tier for crafted bags at 24 slots. It would seem straightforward to add a new “Windwool Bag” recipe at that tier, have it require 20x Windwool Bolts and 1x Eternium Thread and call it a day. If you want to follow in the steps of the Embersilk Bag, have it require 15x Windwool Bolts and 15x Spirit Dust. If you want to be less straightforward, throw in a Dreamcloth pattern that requires Windwool as a reagent on a daily cooldown to effectively make the Illusionary Bag the new MoP common recipe. But having a huge gap in effort between Cataclysm and MoP for making new bags seems a large break with what has become the traditional bag progression. While I do prefer comfortable, knowable situations, I understand not wanting to continue doing things in a certain way because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. However, from the outside, this seems like change for change’s sake. Right now I’ve completed the Golden Lotus rep grind on my Tailor and I’m just starting to work on the August Celestials. Working with this faction interacting with the four beings responsible for defending Pandaria from the Sha seems like it would be awesome for a lore nerd like me. It’s not. I resent being forced into it for a bag recipe. I’m not looking for the mount. I’m not looking for the high level gear. I’m looking for the bag recipe and in order to get it, I need to spend a month and grind to Exalted. This is after the 2-3 weeks it took to grind Golden Lotus to Revered. A HUGE difference between “how it’s always been done” and how it’s being done now. And, as a side note, I’m enjoying the Shado-Pan dailies. I don’t have specific incentive for doing them, I just enjoy their story. I wish it was the same with the Celestials, but it’s not and that’s because of the choice to lock the bag recipe behind a double grind, one to Revered and the other to Exalted. So, with all this as preamble, here’s the question: Why? … Ok, that’s a bit open ended for a question, so here’s some specific questions: What was the reason behind changing bag pattern acquisition in MoP? Why put the new pattern behind TWO reputation grinds? Why not have a common bag recipe that simply takes Windwool Bolts as a reagent? If you just wanted to “shake things up”, are you happy with the results? Has the feedback you’ve gotten from other players been positive or negative regarding this change? Are you likely to continue with the “One Giant Leap” idea for bags in future expansions; return to the previous practice of having a common and a rare pattern; or do try something new again? Thanks for taking the time to read through this post and I look forward to seeing your responses in whatever venue you choose to post them.