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Time is a limited resource. Through hard work, cleve investing you can always get more money. Money brings power and other worldly things. Money can also bring you friends (though not actual friendship) but nothing in this world gives you more time. So, today I am quitting one of the major time sinks in my life: RSS news feeds. I spend quite a bit of time each day trying to keep myself informed about a wide variety of topics: gaming, politics, finance, media, geek culture and a few other random things. Today I am voluntarily opting for time over knowledge.

There are a few feeds I will continue to read but they primarily involve webcomics and the blogs of friends and people whose opinion or knowledge I highly value. While I will walk down the path of ignorance consciously, I won’t do so without leaving a trail of breadcrumbs I can follow back if or when I complete the experiment and, based on the conclusions, decide to head back to the land of being fully informed. I will still have some large time consumers in my life. My job is the major one, but it’s also what keeps the roof over my head, food in the pantry and clothes in my dresser so I don’t see giving that up voluntarily any time soon. My kids are the second biggest one and time will eventually lead to them going to college and reducing their reliance on me (for good and for ill). This leaves the frivolous time sinks: television, podcasts and gaming.

I actually have been cutting back on television quite a bit of late and shifting my viewing to Netflix. This means my TV is more infrequent and can correctly be characterized as binging. It also means, while I won’t always be current on a show, I can schedule watching of the show at a more convenient time where it won’t intrude on other pursuits.

Next up is podcasts. I consume podcasts similar to how I consume RSS news feeds (and for a similar purpose). I’m not going to do anything with them right now, but will keep them in mind as another avenue for experimentation to recover time from. For now, I will try to minimize its impact on my free time by indulging it concurrent to the final time sink: gaming.

For me, gaming is equivalent to World of Warcraft. I spend a couple hours a night playing it. It is how I decompress in the evenings and wind down after a long day. I don’t spend nearly the amount of time I once did on WoW. When I was actively raiding I was easily spending 40 hours a week in the game. Now, it’s closer to 10-15 hours a week. There was a time when it was 0 hours a week, but I still enjoy being able to hang out with some of my friends, even if I’m doing so virtually instead of in real life.

What will I do with my newly freed up time? Hopefully some writing. Hopefully spending more time with my kids. Probably doing more reading. We’ll see how it goes and, if the results indicate the experiment was a failure this is an easily reversible change.