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I like movie soundtracks.  It tends to expose me to several artists I wouldn’t otherwise have known and the general tone and theme of the music is similar, so if I know I like a few of the songs, it’s a good chance I’ll think positively about the rest.  Growing up I was a big fan of the “Pretty in Pink” soundtrack.  Not only did it express my teenage angst much more coherently than I was able to at the time (and, to be honest, probably better than I could now), it was my first exposure to The Smiths, The Psychedelic Furs, Echo & The Bunnymen and New Order.  Lots of bands who influenced later alternative rock and bands that opened my eyes to a world of music beyond the Classic Rock I’d listened to up until that time. One of the songs I gravitated to in particular was “Wouldn’t it Be Good” by the Danny Hutton Hitters (covering Nik Kershaw).  Growing up, I constantly saw many other people’s lives and thought “Wouldn’t it be good to be in their shoes, even if it was for just a day”?  They have to have it better than I do. Their life seems so easy.  Hearing that song again this weekend, I realised I don’t really have that desire anymore It could be the fact my life has gotten better (which, while it has, it certainly has its ups and downs and an extraordinary amount of stress at times).  It could be I haven’t run into anyone specifically who I’ve thought “Their life is awesome! They don’t know how good they have it!”.  It could also be the understanding that everyone, no matter how awesome things seem on the surface, has their own problems. Thinking on it, though, I’m pretty sure it’s the fact I’ve finally found a place I’m comfortable.  Two wonderful kids, an amazing wife, friends (both local and remote) who provide encouragement and support. Could things be better?  Sure.  I can name half a dozen things that would immediately increase my overall happiness.  But I got it good. . . and I do know how good I got it. . . and I’m not eager to switch spots with anyone else.