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Christian Boone wrote a piece for the Atlanta Journal Constitution titled “Is it OK to take pleasure in LeBron’s pain?”  In it, he says that folks who are happy LeBron failed are engaging in Schadenfreude.  I disagree and wrote Christian an e-mail with a few questions (which I replicate below)

Is it schadenfreude to be happy when Snookie runs into a cop car even though she makes 7 figures per episode of Jersey Shore contributing nothing more to the culture than the insanely stupid idea that anyone can be successful by being promiscuous and overuse of spray-on tan? Is it schadenfreude to be happy when Jerry Jones complains about the possible disruption of the upcoming NFL season because he and his fellow team owners aren’t satisfied with the torrent of money that flows from the NFL spigot currently and want to turn it into a tsunami at the expense of the players? Is it schadenfreude to be happy when LeBron, who openly said they’re not going to win 4, not 5, not 6 NBA titles; left Cleveland without a word; announced, not that he was going to play for the Heat, but he was “taking his talents to South Beach”; blamed his teammates last year conveniently forgetting who didn’t show up during Game 5; and got beat by a ten-time All Star who played for the same team his entire career proving a championship can be won when you’re the only NBA All Star on your team? You may think so.  I think it’s taking joy in an appropriate display of karma.