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Both of my sons have been diagnosed as high functioning autistic.  I have not, but based on how closely the boys behavior parallels mine, there’s a very high probability.  I’m not going to fall for the “correlation equals causation” fallacy, but let’s take it as given that I have autistic tendencies.  One of the big tendencies is the desire for stability and routine.  So why do I have an urge in late spring every year to either move cities or change jobs? “Changing jobs and moving are pains in the ass and supremely disruptive. Why on earth would you, someone who thrives in routine and abhors change, voluntarily go through that?” I blame it on high school and college. For years, I was conditioned that each spring, right around when school lets out, it’s time for me to leave what I was currently doing, namely attending classes, and go do something else, namely get a summer job.  When I got to college the association of moving came as well.  “You can’t stay in these dorms over the summer, these dorms are just used in the fall and spring semesters.” “Dude, you haven’t attended college full time for over 15 years. You haven’t broken this habit yet?” True, but my first jobs after leaving college were working for colleges and universities.  Living in Gainesville, FL, a large college town, the contracts for the apartment complexes tended to be tuned to the change of semesters.  Also, I had roommates who all tended to be grad students.  This kept me in the “It’s springtime. Time to move!” routine. I’ve successfully avoided either moving or changing jobs for the past three years, so perhaps I’m finally breaking out of this cycle.  Only time will tell. “Or, it could just be that nobody wants to hire you and you can’t sell your house.” Sure, Mr. “Glass Half Empty”.  On the other hand, there’s a perfect way to sort this all out: I could just win the lottery and be able to do whatever job I’d like each spring.  Once I don’t have to work to afford to live, I can do whatever I want . . . and if I’m doing whatever I want, that’s almost like having the same job: “Senior ‘Doing Whatever Dylan Wants’ Engineer”.  I’m pretty sure that’s a job I could handle!