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I’m a busy guy.  I have two boys, commute two hours a day to my full-time job and have plenty of outside interests I like to pursue.  I like to prioritize things in order of importance.  Given that my blog is not something I get paid for, it often falls behind many, many other things when I do the mental calculation of “What should I be spending my time on now?” In addition, I don’t like to just throw things up here without spending time on it to make sure it’s coherent, doesn’t contain spelling errors and is generally worth the time it would take someone to read it.  If I wanted to make public the comments I’ve pulled out of my posterior, I’d put them up on Twitter (for the things I want the whole world to see) or some similar social networking site.  Those locations are full of stream of consciousness information and my half-assed musings fit right in there.  But for my personal site, I’d like to keep things just a bit more polished. . . even if it means my posts here tend to be more infrequent than my posts elsewhere.