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Before I tell you this story, I need to tell you another story. . . I typically attend multiple conventions per year.  Last year I attended Blizzcon and GenCon on the dime of Upper Deck.  I judge tournaments for them and, in turn, they fly me to cool places, put me up in a hotel, feed me, pay me enough to feed myself and give me some cool swag for my troubles.  I also live in Atlanta, so I attend DragonCon every year since it just involves me driving 30 minutes down the road.  In 2008 at GenCon I was talking to some of the Upper Deck folks who were lamenting the fact that they had four convention weekends in a row.  The cons, in order, were San Diego Comicon, GenCon, Blizzcon and PAX (which was the same weekend as DragonCon).  For those who attend conventions, they tend to be enjoyable affairs where the players and attendees see and buy cool stuff.  For workers, it’s also enjoyable, but it’s also a lot of hard work, sore feet, scratchy throats and long days (and nights).  Doing this four weekends in a row of this is a true test of endurance. So, this year I was at GenCon discussing conventions with Upper Deck folks and they said they just got done with San Diego and their upcoming cons were Blizzcon and PAX (since they’re on the west coast and PAX is a much more gamer friendly con than DragonCon, I completely understand them choosing PAX over DragonCon).  For some reason, in my mind, I had presumed that, since last year’s schedule for those cons was four weeks in a row that it would be the same for this year.  This turns out to not be the case.  This year, there was a free weekend between Blizzcon and DragonCon/PAX.  This is not something I found out until the weekend of Blizzcon. I had the expectation of two weeks between GenCon (which I attended this year) and DragonCon (which I will be attending). The free weekend between the two would be somewhat ameliorated by watching coverage of Blizzcon online so, while I wasn’t actually attending, I’d be able to see the announcements.  However, when I mentioned this to some folks they informed me there was an extra weekend. This wasn’t a bad thing, mind you.  It gave me time to finish the costumes I was working on as well as gather some additional food, drink, materials, etc.  So, there were good things that came from the additional week delay.  However, I also had an expectation of a much shorter period between Blizzcon and DragonCon.  When that expectation was not met, I was a little unhappy for a while. . . . Until this morning.  Last night I finished one of the costumes I had been working on and thinking about for a while and it came out really well.  When I woke up this morning I realised that, not only did I have one small thing to do on my third costume which should be done by this evening, but I also had two more days of work before I get to spend five days working at and enjoying DragonCon.  It’ll be my first year working for the convention proper (I’ll be one of the folks running cameras for DragonCon TV) and I’m looking forward to learning a lot of stuff (and not so much looking forward to the many mistakes I’ll likely be making). So, the multiple weeks of anticipation are almost at an end. I’ve finally put the broken expectations behind me. I’m fired up and ready to go. So let’s do this thing.