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Adblock Plus – Gets rid of annoying ads and prevents lots of possible vectors for computer virii/trojans Auto Copy – Lots of handy things to do with copied content (especially opening copied url in new tab and searching for selected text in Google) AVG Safe Search – Part of AVG Anti-Virus Better Gmail 2 – Handy tools for Gmail preview – Lets me preview links for twitter.  It’s supposed to also work for other url shorteners, but doesn’t quite work right now. Cooliris – Lets me browse images on enabled sites.  It’s also a little CPU intensive and probably something I could drop if need be. Firebug – Great web debugging tool Flashblock – Lets’ me manually choose whether or not to start Flash applications Greasemonkey – Framework for scripts to provide site-specific viewing enhancements. IE Tab – For the windows boxes, allows the use of the IE rendering engine to view pages Power Twitter – Twitter specific enhancements (including embedding videos and pictures) ReloadEvery – Allows periodic reloading of pages to assist in monitoring them Xmarks – Syncs bookmarks between different computers And that’s the list.  Now it’s documented for when I need to re-install from scratch.