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For several years, I have disliked the 1st of April, commonly known as April Fool’s Day. I’ve avoided internet news sites, ignored many e-mails and mostly put my head down on April 1st because it’s a pain in the ass dealing with all the crap that gets posted that day. However, it wasn’t always this way. Years ago there was less interconnected-ness and most April Fools pranks I heard about were a) done by people I knew directly or were a couple of degrees of separation away from me or b) had been done so well that other people re-told the story because it was genuinely funny. Recently with the rise of blogs, forums, social networks, Twitter, etc, it becomes easier for an individual to put out their “Absolutely Brilliant April Fools Prank(TM)” so it can be seen by many, many people. As a consequence, there aren’t the implicit editorial filters of a) knowing people involved in the prank or b) a prank having been funny enough to get re-told to you. And, as everyone who knows Sturgeon’s Law knows: “90% of April Fools Pranks/Jokes are crap”[1]. This explains the phenomenon of one guy or a couple of guys getting together and thinking it’d be hilarious to put up a joke about Linux going to a subscription module, Lego doing doing an updated version of their bricks that breaks compatibility with older bricks, Zombies taking over the midwest, etc. without realizing that their joke is dumb. . . or their joke may be funny, but they way they execute it is dumb. . . or their joke may be funny and executed in a funny way but only for a small sub-set of people. Multiply this effect over tens of thousands of pranksters (and hundreds of companies) and you get a flood of crap jokes concentrated in a single day. Now, there are some places that do it up right. Blizzard‘s jokes/pranks tend to deliver humor every year. Google as well tends to have a good track record. I like PTI‘s jokes each year. But, these are the exception, not the rule. As I get older, I find my time becomes more and more valuable and wasting it sorting out the small amount of wheat from the large amount of chaffe becomes less and less appealing as a practice. Year after year, April 1st becomes an exercise in slogging through a bunch of crap when I just want to go about my normal daily affairs. With the time it takes for this to happen, I will likely be checking out of the Internet on 1 April in years to come. I’ll also start practicing other hallmarks of cranky-old-man-dom such as saying “Get offa my lawn!” and “Turn down that music!” and “Back in my day we didn’t have 3-D VR interfaces. . . we had mice, keyboards and 2-D displays AND WE LIKED IT!”. I’ll also have to get used to the nickname “Mr. Crankypants.” [1] Sturgeon’s Law states the following: “90% of everything is crap”. Adapting this to Aprils Fools Pranks/Jokes is an exercise for the writer.