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Monthly Archives: August 2009

I was at GenCon judging for UDE. Right now WoW TCG is on life support here in Atlanta (there’s only one group actively playing and it is over an hour away from my house, so it’s very inconvenient for me to get there regularly) and WoW Minis never really got off the ground. But there’s still a core of players here that continue to play Vs. I have folks over to my house a couple times a month to do some drafting of older sets. So, there was a lot of interest from my fellow gamers about the new game coming out. I was able to get some time with Ben Seck, one of the designers of the game and the Brand Manager of the Marvel Superstars line, to demo the game and to ask him some questions about design goals and why some specific decisions were made. I’ll primarily discuss the game and rules first and try to hold off on commentary and discussion of design decisions until later. Read More »