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Monthly Archives: April 2009

I’ve finally caught up on my backlog of podcasts. For the longest time, I’d have half a day’s worth of podcasts sitting on my iPod waiting for me to have time to listen to them. I got tired of the anxiety that comes with having something out there not having been done and decided to do something about it. I worked on the supply side by going through and pruning some of the podcasts that weren’t consistently great as well as working on the consumption side by finding opportunities to listen to podcasts that weren’t there (I became more attentive to turning on the podcasts while farming in WoW; walking a half-hour or so home on days when I wasn’t driving the car poll also helped significantly with this). Now, I find I run into the case where I have finished my podcasts and turn over to listen to the radio from time to time. Read More »

For several years, I have disliked the 1st of April, commonly known as April Fool’s Day. I’ve avoided internet news sites, ignored many e-mails and mostly put my head down on April 1st because it’s a pain in the ass dealing with all the crap that gets posted that day. However, it wasn’t always this way. Years ago there was less interconnected-ness and most April Fools pranks I heard about were a) done by people I knew directly or were a couple of degrees of separation away from me or b) had been done so well that other people re-told the story because it was genuinely funny. Read More »